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Resource Blockchain is focused on providing Blockchain and DLT-enabled solutions for the emerging Proptech, Fintech, CREtech and Greentech spaces.  Our specialized technology consultancy focuses on assisting clients in the development and deployment of new decentralized, distributed ledger and blockchain-based digital asset and tokenization projects and applications for the Web3.0 world.

Every day we are focused on facilitating the development and deployment of smart contracts, Security Token Offerings (STOs) and other tokenized digital assets through blockchain protocol dApp solutions driving the adoption and realization of development crowdfunding, investment liquidity and crypto-securitization across various real estate asset classes and technologies.


Since we established our practice in early 2017, we have successfully grown our business as an innovation-driven firm delivering bespoke blockchain & DLT consulting and advisory services to businesses worldwide.  Resource Blockchain serves clients as a knowledge broker and idea-shop for the most progressive projects and organizations leading the charge in Web3, decentralized finance

and real estate development, management and brokerage communities.


Resource Blockchain is focused on the development, marketing and management of STO and other smart contract-related solutions to today’s highest pain-point industry issues, offering holistic approaches to mass-adoption of digital securities, including the securitization of assets, the development of secondary markets and the networking of investors to create a globally democratized marketplace.  


Resource Blockchain is your go-to colleague and teammate for facilitating the development and deployment of use-case to successful blockchain entity, startup to market-maker, and investor to thought-leader.

Our job is to deliver.  Our team of certified expert consultants delivers state-of-the-art blockchain and crypto knowledge, experience and advisory services in the specialization areas of:


  • Biz / Dev

  • Tokenomics

  • Security Token Business Planning

  • Smart Contract Development

  • Token Strategy and Purpose Charette

  • Market Development Evaluation

  • Start-Up Financing and Launch Support

Our broad and decentralized team across the globe ensures that our clients are served in all global markets regardless of time zones, and we are always ready to consult with partners and clients in the following additional capacities:



  • The Resource Blockchain Assessment

  • Team Assessment

  • Whitepaper Assessment

  • Website Advisory

  • Project Viability Assessment

  • Product Market Analysis

  • Community Development, Management & Engagement

  • Business Development Consulting

  • Strategic Partnerships and Management

  • Post STO services

Our challenge is to clearly understand our clients’ ecosystems so we can identify the most significant pain-points in order to determine exactly how our deep DLT and blockchain knowledge and experience can have the greatest impact upon deploying real world, real estate practical use-cases.

We establish our priorities based upon the critical information that our clients share with us in order to innovate marketing, operations and management solutions to forge successful distributed ledger tech applications, driving forward applicable use-cases and developing long-term investment and adoption relationships in the field.

We continue facilitating the development of distributed-ledger projects, to source strategic investments and to work with like-minded companies to develop specific Proof-of-Concept (PoC), Proof-of-Practice (PoP) and Proof-of-Asset (PoA) dApps for real-world industry applications.


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